Turkmenistan’s Galkynysh Gas Field Commissions Complex Well

The complex well titled Well No. 60 was successfully commissioned in Galkynysh field, the world's second-largest gas field located in Turkmenistan’s Mary province, the online newspaper of the Oil and Gas Complex of Turkmenistan reported on Wednesday.

Drilling of the well started in August 2021. The drilling was carried out by Chinese specialists under the contract between Türkmengaz (Turkmen Gas) State Concern and CNPC of China.

The construction of the complex well was completed on time. As a result, a commercial flow of natural gas was acquired from the depth of 4580 meters.

Based on the instructions of the President, a digital system is being successfully introduced in the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan. The fiber-optic cables, communication and video surveillance equipment installed at the mouth enable Turkmen specialists to control the production of raw natural gas from the well and manage its transportation through the high pressure gas pipeline via the digital system.

In July 2021, President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution authorizing the Türkmengaz (Turkmen Gas) State Concern to sign a contract with the Chinese company to provide services for the completion of construction and commissioning of three complex wells in Galkynysh field.

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