A business meeting between the business circles of Turkmenistan and France took place in Parison Wednesday.

A business meeting of representatives of the business circles of Turkmenistan and France took place in Paris. The negotiations were held in the format of a business lunch, which was attended by representatives of the French companies VINCI Construction, CARPI Tech, MEDEF International, SAFRAN, PMJC, CIS Energy, IN Groupe, Thomson Broadcast, Oberthur, Airbus D&S, Saberatours and a number of others.

On behalf of the Turkmen side, the business lunch was attended by diplomats of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in France, as well as specialists of the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan. Information about the meeting was provided by the Turkmen diplomatic mission in Paris.

The participants discussed a wide range of issues aimed at enhancing trade and economic relations between Turkmenistan and France. Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Paris Maksat Charyev told French businessmen about the favorable conditions created in the country for cooperation with foreign companies and invited entrepreneurs from France to become participants in investment projects implemented in such areas as chemical, gas and petrochemical industries, textile industry, agriculture and other promising areas of the Turkmen economy.

The diplomat also spoke in detail about the sector programs in which a number of projects have been developed and prepared. Their implementation is planned with the participation of foreign capital.

At the talks, another topic was considered - the possibility of establishing joint ventures with French companies on the territory of Turkmenistan for the production of localized products in the textile and processing industries and the agro-industrial complex.

French businessmen also received detailed information about the transit and logistics potential of Turkmenistan - the possibilities of the international seaport in Turkmenbashi, railways and highways that can be used in trade between France and Turkmenistan, as well as the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The expert of the Turkmen Stock Exchange spoke at the meeting about exchange activities in Turkmenistan, the procedure for registering export and import contracts, as well as about Turkmen-made goods exported through the SCRMET to many countries of the world.

The meeting in Paris was fruitful - representatives of French business were able to get answers to their questions, as well as exchange views with Turkmen experts and consult with representatives of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in France.

The parties noted the need to continue the practice of regular business meetings and agreed that the next negotiations with the participation of representatives of French companies will be held in Ashgabat.

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