Kazakhstan plans to gasify its eastern and northern regions by importing Russian gas

Kazakh national gas company Qazaq Gaz has proposed to Russian “Gazprom” to build a new gas pipeline from Russia to China, through which it will also be possible to supply gas to the eastern regions of the republic, reported RIA Novosti.

The proposal to build a new gas pipeline was made by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Qazaq Gaz Arman Kasenov:

  • On the issue of gasification of the east of Kazakhstan, we proposed to “Gazprom” a new transit route through the territory of East Kazakhstan, which will cover a number of regions. It is under development, we have already carried out feasibility studies.

Kazakhstan expects that the new gas pipeline will become an analogue of the already existing one, providing the domestic market and transiting gas. Kazakhstan does not yet have its own resources for gasification of the eastern and northern regions, so the country is counting on the prospects of importing Russian gas.

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