Haldor Topsоe – the Bronze Sponsor of OGT 2021 International Investment Forum

Haldor Topsoe (Denmark) is the Bronze sponsor of Oil & Gas of Turkmenistan – 2021 International Investment Forum, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s Independence. The event will take place on 12-13 May in Ashgabat.

Haldor Topsоe is the global leader in energy-efficient technologies to produce clean transportation fuels as well as ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen. Working exclusively and entirely in the interests of customers, the company offers optimal solutions and innovative technologies for sustainable development and carbon emission reduction.

The company's solutions help oil companies process raw materials as efficiently as possible with the lowest energy consumption. Half of all ammonia used in the production of fertilizers is obtained using Topsoe catalysts. Haldor Topsoe emission control solutions work in many factories, power plants and diesel engines and remove harmful particles from exhaust gases so that people in metropolitan areas around the world can breathe clean air.

In June 2019, the world's first gas-to-gasoline (G2G) plant for the production of environmentally friendly gasoline from gas based on the TIGAS ™ technology (improved gasoline synthesis) developed by Haldor Topsoe was commissioned in Ovadandepe, Ahal velayat.

Annual production capacity of the plant is 600,000 tons of eco-friendly synthetic gasoline ECO-93 complying with the EURO-5 standard, 115,000 tons of liquefied gas from by-products, 12,000 tons of sulfur-free diesel fuel.

Produced on the basis of the coordinated work of innovative technologies at the world's first G2G plant, ECO-93 synthetic gasoline fuel will be will take its significant place in the international energy market. This plant, distinguished by its production potential in the promising gas processing industry of the oil and gas industry, will make a great contribution to the economic prosperity of Turkmenistan.

For the first time in world practice, the distillation of natural gas into liquid fuel under high pressure and at high temperatures will be carried out on an industrial scale.

When using gasoline, sulfur is emitted 50 times less, benzene - 3.5 times, other aromatic hydrocarbons - 20% less. This can significantly reduce the level of harmful emissions into the environment.

As the analysis of the physicochemical characteristics of the new fuel has shown, ECO-93 gasoline meets the requirements of the State Standard, and in terms of chemical composition it meets the Euro-5 level of environmental safety.

GTG Plant in Ovadandepe was recognized and awarded by a number of international organization, including Guinness World Record certificate “The first gas-to-gasoline plant in the world”, “Environmentally friendly” certificate from the US Environmental Protection Fund, “Innovative Technologies” certificate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Haldor Topsoe is planning to present in Session 4 of the Forum (Investment projects in monetization of hydrocarbons – a glance to the future) and share updates on its current and future projects in Turkmenistan and worldwide.

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