Turkmenistan and Russia increase bilateral trade despite the pandemic

The Russian Federation and Turkmenistan increased the bilateral trade in 2020, despite the restrictive measures imposed by the pandemic. The agency of economic information “Prime” reports it citing the data of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) website.

According to these data, in 2020, the trade turnover between Russia and Turkmenistan increased by 39.6 percent.

In addition, according to the Federal Customs Service, in 2020, Russia raised trade relations with the State of Brunei (+ 6261.4 percent), Hong Kong (+ 84.7 percent), Great Britain (+ 53.6 percent), New Zealand (+ 31.7 percent), Uzbekistan (+ 15.6 percent), Vietnam (+ 15.2 percent), Luxembourg (+ 10.9 percent), Iran (+ 5.6 percent) and Estonia (+ 4.8 percent).

The Russian Federation is one of the main trade and economic partners of Turkmenistan.