Turkmenistan Remains Leader in Gas Supplies to China

Turkmenistan has been the leader in pipeline gas supplies to the Chinese energy market since the beginning of 2021. Interfax reports with reference to the General Customs Administration of China.

In total, in January 2021, China imported 4.685 billion cubic meters of pipeline gas (4.366 billion cubic meters a year earlier). Turkmenistan supplied 2.786 billion cubic meters, Russia - 916 million cubic meters, Myanmar - 357 million cubic meters, Kazakhstan - 319 million cubic meters and Uzbekistan - 307 million cubic meters.

Turkmen gas has also turned out to be one of the most expensive in the Chinese gas market since the beginning of 2021. Thus, in January 2021, Turkmenistan received $187 per thousand cubic meters for its gas, Kazakhstan - $162, Uzbekistan - $151 per thousand cubic meters. According to this indicator, Myanmar is the leader with at $352 per thousand cubic meters. The cheapest gas to China is supplied by Russia - up to $118.5 per thousand cubic meters.

The North-East Asia region experienced a severe cold snap in December-January, which caused the sharp rise of energy cost, leading to an increase in gas prices around the world. So, in Europe in January, the average cost was $257 per thousand cubic meters.

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