Turkmenistan remains the largest pipeline gas supplier to China

Turkmenistan remains the largest pipeline gas supplier to China. The Russian Interfax News Agency reports about it citing to the data of the General Administration of Customs of China.

It is reported that Turkmenistan is the largest natural gas supplier in the Celestial market. In 2019, Turkmengaz State Concern delivered 31.2 billion cubic meters of gas to China, and, in April 2020, the supply level was 69 million cubic meters per day.

Interfax also notes that the Gazprom’s supplies to China via Power of Siberia was the cheapest on the Chinese market among other pipeline gas suppliers.

In the second quarter, the price of Russian gas decreased by 10 percent to reach 183 US dollars per thousand cubic meters, compared with the first quarter. The price changes quarterly as the contract gas prices are linked to fuel oil and gas oil prices with a lag of nine months. To compare: the cost of gas deliveries from Turkmenistan in April was 227 US dollars, Uzbekistan – 212 US dollars, Kazakhstan – 194 US dollars, and Myanmar – 365 US dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters.

Gazprom started gas supplies to China in 2019 that is 10 years after the start of Turkmengaz deliveries.