Export of Uzbek gas to China has decreased by 3 times, and to Russia has been completely stopped

Uzbekistan has reduced gas export to China by three times and completely suspended it to Russia, the Uzbek media reports citing to the press service of the President of Uzbekistan.

The press service stated that external energy markets are unstable because of pandemic influence.

At present, the export of natural gas to China has decreased by 3 times, and to Russia has been completely stopped.

“In this regard, Uzbekistan is heading for deep processing and monetization of natural gas and all raw materials in general. Measures are being taken to increase economic efficiency through the production of import-substituting and export-oriented finished products,” press service noted.

The recession in the global economy, followed by the pandemic, hit the world oil and gas market hardest, urging countries that rich in hydrocarbon resources to revise the development strategy of their fuel and energy sectors. In particular, Turkmenistan several years ago took measures to stop the extraction and sale of oil and gas resources for their complete deep processing and production of high value-added products within the country. Thus, in past years, large gas chemical facilities have been built in the country for the processing of natural gas and the production of carbamide fertilizers, high-density polypropylene and polyethylene, as well as synthetic gasoline. At the same time, as Orient previously reported, Turkmenistan remains the largest pipeline gas supplier to China. In 2019, Turkmengaz State Concern delivered 31.2 billion cubic meters of gas to China, and, in April 2020, the supply level was 69 million cubic meters per day.