Turkmenistan to cover the power shortage in Uzbekistan

Starting July 28, Uzbekistan will compensate the drop in electricity imports with supplies from Turkmenistan, and will also introduce restriction of domestic consumption, the press service of the National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan (NEN) JSC reports it.

“Since this July 21, there are was a discrepancy in the power system between the produced and consumed electricity in Uzbekistan. The temporary interruption in electricity supply in the republic was caused by sharp reduction since July 16 in the volume of power import received from the power system of neighboring Tajikistan,” the statement on the NEN Telegram channel reads.

According to the company, daily electricity imports have declined on average from 12 million kWh to 0.3 million kWh due to water shortages in Tajikistan’s reservoirs this summer.

“In order to stabilize this situation, the NEN JSC, within the framework of its authority, signed an agreement with the Turkmenenergo Company on the import of electricity. This practice is dueto start on July 28, ” the message says.

The press service added that due to the shortage of water in Uzbekistan, the generation of electricity by the country’s hydroelectric power plants also decreased by 6-7 million kWh daily. The load on thermal power plants, which in the summer are actively carrying out repair work on their capacities, has also increased.

“In order to ensure the stable operation of the energy system for consumers of the republic, restrictions are introduced,  that is 1.5-2 million kWh daily, or 0.8-1.0% of the average daily consumption (195.6 million kWh),” the company added.

Over the past two years, Uzbekistan has resumed imports of electricity from neighboring Central Asian countries to meet the needs of the population and industry, especially during the peak load of the winter period. So, in 2018, imports from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan resumed, in July 2019 – from Kazakhstan (as part of the participation in the work of the Central Asian Energy System), and in February this year – from  Turkmenistan.

48 power plants with a total capacity of more than 12.4 GW are operating in the power system of Uzbekistan, including a total capacity of 10 thermal power plants – 10.6 GW. The rest of the electricity is produced by hydroelectric power plants and autonomous thermal power plants of industrial enterprises. The potential for electricity production is over 60 billion kWh.