Russia ranks third in terms of gas supplies to China, while Turkmenistan remains the leader

In terms of natural gas supplies to China via gas pipelines, Russia in July this year was able to move from fourth to third place in terms of exports, Interfax reports citing to data from the Chinese customs.

The first place in terms of the volume of supplies is occupied by Turkmenistan, followed by Kazakhstan. Russia’s Gazprom came in third, surpassing Myanmar. At the bottom of the list is Uzbekistan, which, nevertheless, in July increased supplies in relation to June by almost two-thirds.

In July, Gazprom supplied 379 million cubic meters to China. meters of gas (12.2 million cubic meters per day), which is another record in the history of deliveries via the Power of Siberia pipeline. In June, the pipeline supplied 10.2 million cubic meters. m per day.

Turkmenistan has increased supplies to 1.788 billion cubic meters. m or 78.3 million cubic meters. m per day. By June, supplies increased by 7% in daily terms and exceeded the supply volume even in February of this year.

In total, Chinese imports of pipeline gas in July 2020 (according to official data) increased to 4.47 billion cubic meters. m from 3.039 billion cubic meters. m in June.