Iran is ready to give its power energy structures for transit from Europe

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian told that the power energy infrastructure of Iran in oil and gas and electro power sectors can become a good variant for transit from the region of Caspian sea towards the Persian gulf, – as informs news agency IRNA.

«The Islamic Republic of Iran, besides its huge power resources, specialized personnel and possibilities in the field of power energy, is in the best transit position between the Caspian sea in the north and Persian gulf in the south, and also between the East and the West, and, having the general water and overland border with 15 countries, can be a good variant for transit of the goods and transfer of the electric power from the countries of the Caspian sea», – the minister told.

«To promote development of communications of the neighbouring countries which do not have an access to the sea, with the international markets, we have created the big transit infrastructure in our country and in practice have shown our adherence to development, the world and stability in the region», – as Ardakanian added.

«The EU countries can join our regional cooperation within the limits of bilateral or multilateral mechanisms, such as the Organization of Economic Cooperation (ОЭС)», – Minister of Energy of IRI told.