Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is taking active part in OGT 2020

XXV “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan” international conference is organised by the State Concerns “Turkmengas” and “Turkmennebit” in partnership with Turkmen Forum, and will take place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat on 28-29th of October 2020.

The organizers have informed us that the novelty of this year’s OGT will be participation and presentation of SPE president Mr. Thomas Blasingame in the Conference.

SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) is one of the most influential professional society in the world that has more than 153,00 participants worldwide. OGT 2020 organizers have informed us that they plan to build closer cooperation with this reputable organization and, as part of these efforts, they have planned one-day online seminar for specialists of Scientific Research Institute under the State Concern “Turkmengas” on 30th of October.

Our reporter has met with a representative from SPE Kakayev Atageldi Chairman of SPE Ashgabad Section who shared his expectations on the upcoming event.

– Please tell us about your organization?

– Our mission is to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources and related technologies for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence.

– What could you tell us about its members?

– SPE is more than 153,000 members in 143 countries participating in 203 sections and 411 student chapters. SPE’s membership includes petroleum engineers, scientists, researchers, safety managers and related professionals, and more than 69,000 student members. SPE maintains offices in Dallas, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Calgary, Moscow and Houston. SPE members are members who work and contribute to Oil and Gas industry.

– What are the benefits of being part of your organization?

– Our community of members shares knowledge, connects with others in their disciplines and local chapters and supports and recognizes member achievements in the industry.

– Is Turkmenistan a member of your organization? If yes, please tell us more. If it is not yet – tell us how Turkmenistan would benefit from joining your organization

– Turkmenistan is the member of SPE from 2018. Currently, there are 52 members in SPE Ashgabat Section. The highest number of members reached about 100 people.

– How specialists from the National Oil Companies of Turkmenistan could contribute to your organization?

– By sharing experience, contribution to organizing several SPE activities which will result in sharing the knowledge and experience between all members of SPE, including professionals and newcomers in the industry.

– Currently, specialists from the Turkmen national oil companies are expressing their interest in joining SPE, do you think they would benefit from membership?

– All members of SPE benefit from SPE itself by increasing their network within oil and gas industry, by getting support from the peers and SPE itself by accessing valuable resources on the website and attending technical presentations, meetings, events organized by SPE throughout the world.

– Is this first time for SPE to participate and present at OGT 2020, what do you think about this conference and do you think SPE would be interested in continuing this tradition?

– Definitely SPE will be more than interested to participate in the future and even support in organization of particular events.

– OGT 2020 organizers told us that they are planning to hold a joint seminar with SPE at the Research Institute under SC “Turkmengas”, can you tell us more about this seminar?

– The seminar will consist of SPE general presentation, where more detailed information about SPE and its activities, benefits etc, will be presented. Technical presentation will be presented as well. Main speakers and presenters will be SPE President 2020-2021, Area Managers.

– Can you share SPE plans for the central Asian region in 2021?

– To expand in membership and perform more technical activities.

– As you know, due to travel restrictions, OGT 2020 delegates and speakers will be presenting online, but would you be willing to visit Ashgabat for next year’s event?

– Yes, with great pleasure. SPE senior management would be delighted to visit Ashgabat and join next OGT in person!