Turkmenistan will hold the international online forum on cooperation in the energy sphere

Turkmenistan will hold on December 1 the international online forum on the theme «Cooperation in the energy sphere – the most important condition for global sustainable development».

Participants of the meeting will discuss issues of energy security and energy diplomacy, partner interaction in the fuel and energy complex, diversifications of routes of deliveries of energy carriers.

On the margins of the forum negotiations of heads of oil and gas sphere of Turkmenistan with top-managers of the foreign companies and international corporations also will be organised.

The president of Turkmenistan was reported on it by Vice-premier Myratgeldi Meredov at the session of the government which was held on Thursday.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that congress events held by the oil and gas complex of the country, should be aimed at advancement of initiatives of Turkmenistan on formation of new architecture of world energy security, maintenance of reliability and stability of international deliveries and transit of energy carriers, development of gas-transport infrastructure in Eurasia.

The forum «Cooperation in the energy sphere – the most important condition for global sustainable development» becomes continuation of the international conference «Oil and gas of Turkmenistan 2020», convened by Ashkhabad and held in a mixed format on October, 28-29, having collected on the Internet platform of 100 oil and gas companies from 30 countries.