Turkmenistan and South Korea will discuss proposals on economic cooperation

The Intergovernmental Turkmen-Korean commission on trading, economic, scientific and technological cooperation will hold the next video session November 23.

Representatives of departments and business of circles of Turkmenistan and South Korea will consider advancement of mutual trade, perspective investment projects and proposals on interaction in oil and gas branch and industrial sector. Issues of development of partnership in the field of information technology, buildings, transport and communication, rural and water management, science, education, public health services, sports and tourism were also included in the agenda of the online meriting.

Turkmenistan steadfastly studies the South Korean experience in those spheres where the “The Land of the Morning Calm” has achieved impressing achievements of world level. Purposefully developing cooperation, both states are based on mutual potential – a rich source of raw materials of Turkmenistan on the one hand and innovative technological workings out of the large South Korean companies on the other hand.

A gas chemical complex for polyethylene and polypropylene manufacture in the Turkmen seaside place of Kiyanly can serve as example of such mutually advantageous dialogue. He cost of this scale project – over 3,4 billion US dollars. It was carried out by the State Concern “Turkmengaz” together with South Korean LG International Corp., Hyundai Engineering and Japanese TOYO Engineering Corporation.