How SGC can be a corridor for Turkmen gas to Europe – French expert

The Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) can also be used to the export of gas to Europe from Turkmenistan. Senior researcher at the OCP Political Research Center (Rabat, Morocco) and The French Institute of International and Strategic Relations (Paris, France) Frances Perrin informed Trend.

“SGC can be also used for gas export to Europe from other Caspian countries, especially from Turkmenistan with the implementation of the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline Project,” said Perrin.

“Thanks to the SGC, which includes the South Caucasus Pipeline, TANAP and TAP, the European Union will start importing natural gas from the Caspian region in 2020. Gas from Azerbaijan will flow through Turkey, Greece, Albania, the Adriatic Sea and Italy (Azerbaijani gas has been already sold in Turkey through TANAP),” said he.

According to Perrin, for the EU, diversification of gas supplies is a global conception that includes new countries, new manufacturing companies and new export routes – SGC just enough meets all these requirements.

He noted that in accordance with the future demand for gas in Turkey and in the EU, the SGC’s possibilities can be expanded, particularly by means of Turkmen gas flow.

The cost of the “Southern Gas Corridor” project is estimated at $ 40 billion.

Progress on TAP construction at the end of January is 92%. Work in such segments of the megaproject as the expansion of the South Caucasus Gas Pipeline and the TANAP construction has been almost completed.