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Arkadag, designated as a city of national importance by special law, stands as the nation's premier "smart" city, boasting eco-friendly transport, such as electric buses and cars, alongside "smart" parking, solar panels, and wind generators. Home to over 70,000 residents across 1000 hectares, the city features 336 modern buildings in its initial development phase, including residential, public, educational, medical, and cultural facilities, as well as sports amenities and advanced engineering systems. Equipped with thermal coverings, Arkadag homes maintain optimal temperatures year-round, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. Additionally, 14 engineering systems and structures are already operational. Surrounding residential areas host 4 schools, 10 kindergartens, 5 educational institutions, and 3 sports complexes. Plans include implementing IT solutions in educational facilities, such as electronic school systems, libraries, and online examination platforms.