A new gas inflow was received in the Mary velayat of Turkmenistan at the Sherepli field

A new industrially significant inflow of natural gas has been received at the Sherepli field in the Mary velayat of Turkmenistan, reports the electronic newspaper

Drillers of the “Turkmengazburavlayysh” department of the “Turkmengas” concern received gas from the development and appraisal well № 02 at a depth of 2 thousand 297 meters to 2 thousand 291 meters. The work of the drilling crew was carried out for five months.

To date, according to experts, the flow rate of the well is about 628 thousand cubic meters of natural gas per day.

Geologists noted that such volumes of natural gas, already at the initial stage, are a sign that the field has rich deposits of “blue fuel”.

The publication notes that the main feature of the gas produced at the Sherepli field is that it has a pure composition, without impurities of hydrogen sulfide. Thanks to this quality, it meets all international standards. Consequently, the economic benefit from the product extracted from this field will be high.

Let us note that according to the plan of the State Concern “Turkmengas”, the gasmen of the department “Turkmengazburavlayysh” are currently drilling wells at the gas fields of Sherepli, Kelleli, Garabil, located on the territory of the Mary velayat.

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