First Deputy Director for Co-ordination and Development of YUG-NEFTEGAZ PRIVATE LIMITED 

Participating session

Mr. Oleksandr Kucheruk has been working for the Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited Group of Companies since May 2008. Over these almost 15 years, he has proven himself to be an experienced and successful top manager, effectively coordinating the activities of all subsidiaries and structural divisions of the Group in implementing its international projects, including those in Turkmenistan. For all these years, he has been actively involved in identifying and selecting the Group of companies’ promising areas of activity and development in Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, and other countries, as well as in the appropriate strategies developing and implementing. Mr. Kucheruk has successfully and effectively carried out the direct coordination and management of the Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited’s activities to achieve the set goals. Today, the companies that make up the Group operate several oil fields in North Africa and also provide a wide range of services for the oil & gas industries in various regions of the world, including a full range of seismic services, oil & gas drilling, hydrocarbons production stimulation operations, various types of workovers, etc. A special place in the Group’s portfolio is occupied by the projects implemented by the company in Turkmenistan. In addition to the above, Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited is also actively engaged in international trade in oil, gas, petrochemicals, and oil refining products. Mr. Kucheruk holds a master's degree in foreign economic activity management.