Board Advisor of Valgo

Participating session

Born in Geneva, Alexandre Bertuzzi pursued studies in telecoms engineering, and quickly discovered a natural taste for business growth and a strong pull towards the international market. His career evolved within major network & telecom companies in the US. In 1999 he joined Radware where he would lead the organization in a NASDAQ IPO for their cyber security solutions. Alexandre oversaw the group's international expansion for 8 years, increased revenues from 3 to 120 million dollars and grew the organization to more than 1000 employees. Since 2008, Alexandre applied his skills of strategic board advisory to several companies. He started with YourSL, a German company specialized in digital transformation and helped them scale their business, resulting in an acquisition of the organization by Salesforce in 2016. In 2013, Alexandre began his collaboration with David Amsellem, CEO of John Paul and guided him in his mission to optimize their IT systems, M&A activities and re-organization of the company, resulting in a growth from 15 to 100 million dollars and growth to 1000 employees from 50. In 2015, Alexandre joined Jaguar Network to transform the telecom company into a big data company. He was appointed CEO of the company in 2016, and completed the missions with the sale of the company to Free (Iliad group) for 120 Million Euros in early 2019. In 2019, Alexandre joined the board of Alchemy AI, an UK based Artificial Intelligence start-up specialized in sustainability and climate recovery governmental projects around the world and helped the organization introduce a major climate intelligence platform The Climate PI. During a conference on Artificial Intelligence, Alexandre met CEO Francois Bouché, Founder of Valgo, an international pollution control and remediation expert. It is in this context that he began a new strategic consulting mission early 2020 with Valgo as board advisor in charge of development strategy and artificial intelligence integration.