Head of Laboratory, Scientific Research Institute under the State Concern “Turkmengas”

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Irina Luryeva, having graduated from the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute in 1988 with a degree in Technology and Integrated Mechanization of the Development of Oil and Gas Fields, began her career as a researcher and teacher. In 1992, having successfully defended her thesis in Moscow, she received the degree of candidate of technical sciences, becoming the youngest candidate of technical sciences in Turkmenistan, in 2022 she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in Ashgabat. Since September 2006, she has been working at the Scientific Research Institute of Natural Gas of the State Concern "Turkmengaz", currently she is the head of the laboratory "Development of the Galkynysh gas field and international gas pipelines". Her research interests include: hydrodynamic modeling of gas field development, field development technologies in complicated conditions: with a complex composition of natural gas; in water flooding conditions; with a large volumes of gas content; at abnormal reservoir pressures. She is a mentor of young scientists and specialists, has 21 patents, as well as more than 200 scientific and educational publications.