Executive Director, Global Gas Centre (GGC).

Participating session
Topic: Turkmenistan's role in the future of global energy

The GGC is an association bringing together leading stakeholders of the gas industry and was founded by major gas companies in December 2014. Its core aim is to encourage common reflection on energy challenges and contribute to presenting how environmental and economic qualities of natural gas can make it a sustainable and global commodity in the energy transition towards low-carbon economy. The GGC program consists mainly of meetings and roundtables organized by the GGC, sometimes in collaboration with one of its members or partners. Among the latter are the United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Strategic Minds Company (formerly known as Bingmann Pflüger International), the International Society for Energy Transition Studies (ISETS), and Energy Policy Research Foundation Inc. (EPRINC). Previously Valérie Ducrot was the Manager of the UNECE (the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) Gas Centre from 2009-2014. Before she has occupied several positions in the French energy company named today ENGIE. During the last 27 years she has gained large experience in the gas sector at a worldwide level. She has a MBA from the Grande Ecole EMLYON, graduated in Business Administration in 1995. She also has a Master Degree in Political Sciences in 2004 at the University in Lyon-France.