Thierry Bros
Thierry Bros

Professor Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po

Participating session
Topic: Accelerating the drive to attract investments in new projects with the focus on construction, chemical gas utilization, transport, and communications sectors of Turkmenistan

Dr Thierry Bros is a Professor at SciencesPo Paris, a contributor to the Natural Gas World website and Tellurian Policy & Research Vice President. In his 30+ years long career, Thierry was Senior Policy Manager & Lead Analyst for an oil & gas organisation in Brussels, Senior European Gas and LNG Analyst in a bank, notably accredited as the best European gas analyst for five years, as well as Senior Financial Equity Analyst, dealing with gas stocks (from upstream to regulated). Previously, Thierry was in charge of Security of Supply at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance where he liberalised the French gas market and supervised the European Contingency Gas Plan. On the academic side, Thierry has been a Senior Research Fellow of The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and, in his first book, published in 2012, he rightly forecasted that the surge in US oil and gas production was going to deeply alter the energy and geopolitical landscapes. Thierry holds a Master of chemical engineering from ESPCI ParisTech and a PhD from Ecole Centrale Paris.