Bart Wauterickx
Bart Wauterickx

Director, XP Upgreen

Participating session
Topic: Preparing the Methane Emission Performance for Oil & Gas Export

Bart has 30+ years of professional C-level experience in different industries, including as CEO of The Sniffers for 7 years until 2022. At The Sniffers he advised and supported O&G companies around the world on emissions reduction and improvement of their pipeline integrity. In 30 years, The Sniffers has executed more than 9’000 emissions reduction projects, with a focus on VOC and Methane reduction. Bart holds a Master of Applied Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leuven Belgium and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Louvain La Neuve Belgium. Bart currently leads the XP Upgreen service line at XP.