The President of Turkmenistan arrived in Xi'an

Today, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov arrived on a working visit to the People's Republic of China to participate in the “Central Asia-China” summit to be held in the city of Xi'an, announced the “Watan” news program of the Turkmen television on the morning air.

At the Xian Xianyang International Airport, where on the occasion of the arrival of the distinguished guest, the State flags of Turkmenistan and the People's Republic of China were hoisted on flagpoles and the Guard of Honor was lined up, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov was met by officials. Bouquets of flowers were presented to the head of state at the gangway of the plane. Along the red carpet, the President of Turkmenistan was also cordially greeted with the colors and flags of the two countries in their hands by numerous children, as well as representatives of the younger generation dressed in bright national costumes.

From the air harbor, the head of state proceeded to the residence allotted for the visit.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov is expected to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping today within the framework of the visit. As a result of the regular talks at the top, it is planned to sign a number of documents that will supplement the legal framework of bilateral cooperation.

The current year is marked by the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Joint Declaration on the Establishment of Strategic Partnership Relations between Turkmenistan and the People's Republic of China - a basic document that incorporates the essence and priorities of bilateral relations.

The state visit of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to China, which was in January this year, became a new effective step towards the development of strategic partnership. As a result of the summit talks, important agreements were reached and a large package of documents was signed aimed at bringing traditional cooperation to qualitatively new frontiers that correspond to the existing impressive potential and new opportunities that are opening up.

One of the priority areas of bilateral cooperation at the talks was the fuel and energy sector. Here, a striking example of the effective combination of efforts is the implemented grandiose project of the XXI century - the construction of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline, which now ensures the supply of Turkmen “blue fuel” to the Celestial Empire. Today, work is underway to increase the volume of these deliveries.

The transit and transport sector and logistics have also been identified among the key vectors of cooperation.

As for the upcoming “Central Asia-China” summit, it is of particular importance in the context of further deepening interstate cooperation, defining its priorities in the light of new realities and prospects for the future. It is symbolic that the city of Xi'an was chosen as the venue for the forum. This large industrial, business, cultural and educational center of the PRC in ancient times was the starting point and destination of trade caravans that passed along the Great Silk Road through the territory of Central Asia, linking China and the states of the region. It is also noteworthy that the city of Xi'an is twinned with the city of Mary, through which the route of this legendary caravan route ran. Let us remind that the corresponding Agreement on this was signed in May 2014.

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